Born To Fly (georgiaskydiver) wrote in parent_as_verb,
Born To Fly

Bad Bad Bad Mommy!!!

God Help Me! I feel like such a bad mom. I don't know if I can even write this. As I sit at my computer, my son is standing in his crib screaming and crying uncontrollably. It is tearing me apart from the inside out.

He used to be such a good sleeper. He still is. But on his terms.

The last week (on top of all my work BS that's going on), he's been exceptionally needy during the night. We've spent 4 of the last 5 nights sleeping on his floor with him. [GOD, I can't do this with him screaming like that!]

He will fall asleep in our arms in a heartbeat. Sound asleep. But as soon as we put him down, the screaming and crying begins. We initially blamed it on teething - he is getting in some pretty big molars. But that's not realistic. He's not uncomfortable during the day, and he only cries once he's put down.

Then I thought it must be his mattress. Maybe it smelled of urine or something unpleasant. So we flipped it and changed the sheets. It didn't make a difference.

We have solved this during the week by pulling him out of his crib, holding him and sleeping next to him on the floor. He will sleep through the night on the floor next to us. He doesn't even have to be held or touching us. He's okay once he's out of the crib. He sleeps very soundly on the floor next to us. But God help you if you get up after 2 hours of that (once your limbs become numb and your joints get stiff) and try to put him back in the crib. He wakes up instantly and starts screaming all over again.

Because this is a weekend and I don't have to worry about being fired tomorrow if I'm groggy and incoherent, we have decided tonight - after four failed attempts to put his sleeping body in his crib - to let him cry it out. The Big Guy and I have both set timers for 10 minutes. (There are 4 minutes left). I have never been a fan of letting him "cry it out", but I don't know what else to do. His crying is tearing my heart out.

Please HELP!!!!!!!!!
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