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Parenting is a Verb not a Noun...
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Tired of parenting communities where the other members want to censor anyone who doesn't agree with them?
Looking for a community where parents understand that we can only make good parenting choices if we consider more than one viewpoint?
Want to be a part of a community for PARENTS not families? Where you can post things without worrying if someone's child might read it, or if someone doesn't think it's "appropriate"?
Ready to defend yourself tooth-and-nail (metaphorically) if someone comments with a challenge?

Me too.

Rules of parent_as_verb

1) "Flaming" is allowed, if by flaming you mean "heated debates where the users disagree with each other passionately!" not where you mean "I don't like what you say or who you are, so I'm goind to attack you personally rather than what you said."

- in the case of the first point, have at - we're ADULTS here - if you want a "kinder, gentler community" there are many others on LJ
- in the case of the second point, 1st offense will be a warning, 2nd offense, comment deleted, 3rd offense member banned.

2) Anything topic-wise goes... want to post about the difficulties of your sex life with kids in the house? fine... want to post about your horror about how someone else parents? fine* (*as long as it's the parenting you are critiquing and not the parent)... want to post a graphic lesson? warning? less than pleasant post? profanity? fine.

3) Pictures: anything more than 1 picture under an lj-cut please - anything larger than 600x600 pixels, also under a cut. Any post not complying will be deleted for the sake of everyone else's friends page.

4) Going "Out of Bounds" - you may not like what someone has to say - but you are NOT allowed to follow them to their personal LJ and carry a disagreement from here to there. What's said in this community belongs in this community. If someone files a complaint (with a link) that you have stalked them to their personal LJ to harrass them, you will get *1* and only one warning - then if it happens again you will be banned from this community.
If you need to file a complaint - please email the link to the violation or send a screen-shot to yndygo @ livejournal.com and I will address the issue swiftly.

5) Rules may be amended or updated at a later time, as the community develops.

Current Moderator is yndy you can reach me at parentasverb @ yndygo.com
If necessary, more moderators may be added.